The challenge for Napolina was to cut through the crowded market by partnering with a show that shared the same values and key target audience of Housewives.


Italian food is one of the most loved cuisines in the UK, yet most people don’t think that they can create and cook genuine Italian food of their own. This partnership was a way of showing people they can cook delicious Italian food with easy to buy and affordable authentic Italian ingredients. Due to the brand being established in Italy, their products have a sense of heritage and quality.


The idea was for Napolina to partner with Gino’s Italian Escape, a show of high quality and authenticity, in order to give their brand a boost with their upmarket viewers. This would enable viewers to consider them as a truly original Italian brand. Napolina collaborating with ITV was to give the brand a real voice and platform to showcase their products in a way they haven’t done before; which made this the perfect partnership.

28 Of all individuals saw at least one Napolina ident

19% Of Women and Housewives saw 4 or more idents

36% Of all Women and Housewives saw at least one ident

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