Challenge and Objectives

OnBuy is a fast growing online marketplace providing a platform for retailers to trade through their website. Offering a wide range of products, OnBuy acts as a ‘one stop shop’ for consumers, making buying and selling a straightforward and simple experience. 

Operating in a highly competitive category that was dominated by brands like Amazon proved to be a big challenge for OnBuy. As an ambitious brand with a healthy appetite to continue growing, they needed to establish themselves within the market as a trusted and safe online marketplace for consumers. 

OnBuy were looking for a media partner that would help them to increase consideration and build brand trust whilst also allowing reaching a mass audience at scale. 

Idea and Implementation

As the largest and most recognisable commercial broadcaster, OnBuy recognised that ITV would help broaden their reach with a mass audience. Leveraging ITV’s familiarity, trust and popularity helped to position OnBuy as a ‘brand for me’. 

OnBuy’s media plan incorporated a channel mix that lived across the whole of the ITV Family to maximise reach and coverage as quickly as possible for their first ever broadcast campaign.  

Launching with a kick off spot in one of ITV’s biggest and best loved shows, Emmerdale, helped create campaign impact. Their airtime campaign was supported by a bespoke VOD plan on the ITV Hub. 



Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

Reaching the upmarket broad audience across the ITV family

ITV Trading Audience Bought


86% Website traffic in by 27% as a result of the campaign and OnBuy saw a 86% increase in direct sales

28% The e-commerce conversation rate of direct visitors increased by 28%

44% Overall, through the campaign sales from all users increased by 44%

The Backing Business initiative helped to accelerate the growth of, demonstrated through the significant increase in performance metrics compared to 3 weeks directly prior to the campaign going live. Outside of the performance metrics, we’ve also seen an increase in consumer response to our digital campaigns and purchase conversion metrics on the site. Working in partnership with TV we were able to strengthen the brand which is highlighted through both quantitative and qualitative evidence. Overall, Business For All was a most successful initiative as it enabled us to test and scale up as we look to 2021 and beyond. Cas Paton, Founder & CEO

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