Smol's Story

In 2018, Paula Quazi and Nick Green, founders of Smol, saw a gap in the market for a new laundry detergent product, that had fewer chemicals, created less waste and was more convenient for customers. Paring these observations with their expert knowledge of the market and brands, Smol was born.


As a New to TV advertiser, ITV could offer Smol

  • CHANNEL: Mass reach of core Housepersons audience

  • REGIONALITY: Flexibility and testing through regional airtime 

  • SUPPORT & EXPERTISE: Expert test-and-learn support on campaign planning, execution and attribution

The Opportunity

On a limited budget, ITV and Smol’s challenge was to find out whether TV advertising could help increase Smol’s sales and what the best way to do this would be. Many of the questions that all Marketeers ask were relevant: would a short term direct response campaign work better than a longer term brand campaign (with advertising to match) – or would a mix of the two approaches (‘brand-response’) work even better?

Three regional tests to replicate typical campaigns

Increasing brand awareness

brand awareness.png


  • Midlands (ITV Central)
  • 5 weeks
  • All time (peak / evening)
  • Higher reach
  • Lower frequency
  • 424 TVRs / 56% of total value

Driving immediate action 

web visits.png

  • North-West (ITV Granada)
  • 5 weeks
  • Daytime TV only
  • Lower reach
  • Higher frequency
  • 355 TVRs / 14% of total value

Best of both worlds

best of both worlds.png


  • North-East (ITV Yorks + T.Tees)
  • 5 weeks
  • All time (peak / evening)
  • Higher reach
  • Lower frequency
  • 405 TVRs / 30% of total value

Smol campaign results - website traffic

107% The Midlands (ITV Central) saw a 107% increase

111% The North-west (ITV Granada) saw a 111% increase

141% The North-East (ITV Yorks + Tyne Tees) saw a 141% increase

120% Overall 120% increase in traffic directly attributable to ITV campaign

Smol campaign results - conversion %

The Midlands (ITV Central)




The North-West (ITV Granada)


ITV Granada.png


The North-East (ITV Yorks + Tyne Tees)

Tyne Tees.png


Smol campaign results - customer subscriptions

133% The Midlands (ITV Central) saw a 133% increase

237% The North-west (ITV Granada) saw a 237% increase

236% The North-East (ITV Yorks + Tyne Tees) saw a 236% increase

5,500 5,500 new customers directly attributable to ITV campaign

Smol campaign results - halo effects


Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 15.40.44.png

Traffic boosted 30-60%

Acquistion boosted 30-80%



Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 15.40.51.png

Additional 4,000+ new
customers to date

Smol case study - key takeaways


TV works in short AND long term: look for immediate effects & leading indicators of longer term impact



Use multiple metrics and techniques to monitor effectiveness holistically


Every brand is different: look for the unique ways that TV could impact your brand and your market


Be prepared to learn and optimise: not all brands get profitable pay back first time

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