Challenges and Objectives

With their shops closed due to the impact of COVID19, the campaign was designed to raise awareness of Strolling 4 Shoes’ online offering throughout the local region. 



As regular advertisers, Strolling 4 Shoes wanted to harness the power of TV advertising to replicate the success of previous campaigns. With a huge rise in viewing figures and a lower entry cost, not only was it cheaper to advertise on TV, but that investment was also achieving a higher reach and frequency. 



Utilising ITV’s in-house cost-price commercial production offering to produce a high-impact ad showcasing the collection of shoes that Strolling 4 Shoes offers as well as a discount offer, the campaign ran on ITV Border across both peak and daytime dayparts. The TV ad was delivered in key premium and peak programming to ensure maximum exposure in front of the target audience, combined with strong presence around the high performing local-news programme, Lookaround, to really tap into the consciousness of the region.


85% Revenue increased by 85% and transactions were up 84%

59% Average time on page increased by 6% and sessions were up 59%

58% New users increased by 58% and returning users were up 58%

68% Conversion rate increased by 68% and unique users increased by 62%

Targetting Strategy and Results

Brand Target

  • Targeting families & upmarket adults  

  • Region tested: ITV Border 

Campaign Delivery

  • 200 TVRs 

  • 1,002,000 Impressions

  • Cost Per View of less than 1 /10 of a penny

  •  Reaching 45.8% of all Adults within the region.

  • OTS = 4.4

We have used ITV for a number of years with great success to promote our two shops in Cumbria. With the COVID19 lockdown we decided to try advertising our website and WOW what a fantastic result. We were so delighted with the results we booked more airtime for the shops re-opening. Many thanks to Sean and the team Andrew Marshall, Managing Director

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