The Campaign

The online retailer Studio came to us with a bold ambition, to become the ultimate destination for all things Christmas. ITV plays a significant and celebratory role in viewers' lives in the run up to Christmas and after a turbulent year for the nation the opportunity for us to come together to make Christmas possible had never been more important.

The Results

  • Studio saw the most concurrent web users ever on their site as a result of the campaign

  • Prompted awareness was 40% higher amongst those who saw the campaign vs those who didn't. 

  • Studio saw a significant incremental sales increase as a result of the campaign

  • Studio saw their  brand awareness rise to the highest levels ever across the campaign period

  • Brand Consideration was 42% higher for those who saw the campaign vs those who didn't (Or 8% points higher)

  • Purchase intent was 4pts higher amongst those exposed to the Go all Out campaign

  • Viewers surveyed who saw the campaign are 24% more likely to shop with because of the partnership with I’m A Celebrity

  • maintained front of mind awareness during the busiest advertising period for retail brands, outperforming a number of competitors

The Insight

After a year of cancelled events we recognised our audience was ready to get Christmas kicked off early. While they were feeling the pinch they still wanted more Christmas for their pound and to make their festive family time as big and as celebratory as it could be. We identified a key theme that brought all this together—the desire to Go All Out this festive season. 


The Challenge

With the highstreets in lockdown we knew online retail would play a huge role in making the Nations Christmas a reality but how could Studio stand out from their competitors and grow their share of consumer spending. 


The Idea

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! is not only a firm family favourite but too many signals the start of the festive season and the perfect platform to give Studio some cultural standout and galvanise the nation to Go All Out! 


So to beat the competitive Christmas rush we went ‘All Out’ early and kicked off the campaign in late October with co-branded ads that sat alongside the I’m a Celebrity marketing ads, promoting that the show was coming back to our screens. To stand out from the creative clutter and drive greater association with the show our ads, produced by ITV Creative, were fronted by ex campmate and firm fan favorite Peter Andre, who marked Studio as the destination for getting more Christmas bang for your buck while encouraging viewers to go online to studio/ to enter to win £1000 so they could go ‘All Out’ with Studio this Christmas.

The Activation

  • ITV Creative made the 30-second ad spot, which launched alongside  the contextually-relevant marketing of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

  • Peter Andre and his family had taken up residence in their own Welsh-style castle and were clad in personalised pyjamas available from Studio. The set also revealed a huge array of Studio products that could make the perfect Christmas gifts. 

  • Peter helped to make the campaign tagline famous by asking the nation to “Go all out this Christmas and find your wow.”

  • The creative kicked off with the iconic jungle drums that fans of the show will be familiar with! 

We partnered with ITV to support our mission to drive brand awareness and position Studio as a family relevant, value retailer. From the off, it was clear that ITV understood our brand and were committed to delivering as required across strategy, creative, production, and execution. The result was a campaign that delivered against all requirements. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the ITV team. Carla Johnson, Head of Marketing
  • The campaign came to its conclusion with Peter announcing two winners with spots  in I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! episodes before encouraging people to head to to find out how they could go “All Out” this Christmas. 

  • To make as much noise as possible, we also created branded posts to be shared across the I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! social channels and app, as well as ITV Hub. 

The Takeaway

We used I’m A Celeb in a new and innovative way to leverage the excitement of the show's anticipated return, reward our viewers with some much needed Christmas cash whilst creating a competitive stand out for their brand. By using relevant TV talent and positioning the messaging within a show loved by its core customer, we helped them achieve record-breaking results. Weaving familiar aspects from the show within the ads also helped to make the content stand out. 

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