Challenge & Objectives

Established in 2000, TLW Solicitors has been operating in the North East for the last 20 years, specialising in both personal injury compensation and legal advice for clients who have been mis-sold financial services. 

However, when it comes to these products, most people aren’t aware when they are being mis-sold and therefore there is a big job to be done to educate consumers. 

The main objective for TLW Solicitors was to increase awareness of their brand and services so they were looking for a media partner that would enable them to broaden their reach beyond their current customers and provide a platform to educate consumers about their services to drive business enquiries within their catchment area. 


Idea & Implementation

As the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK, ITV was the perfect platform for TLW Solicitors to increase brand awareness and broaden their reach to help educate viewers about their products and services. Leaning into ITV’s regional capabilities also meant that TLW were able to target their campaign to their heartland region, the North East, to maximise their potential customer reach. 


To make the campaign as effectiveness as possible their airtime ran across ITV Main Channel to maximise campaign exposure and impact. The media plan incorporated a mixture of daytime and peak spots across a broad range of programming from the local ITV Tyne Tees News to The Raoul Moat Manhunt series. This strategy enabled TLW Solicitors to broaden their reach with their target audience which enabled them to increase brand awareness across the campaign period.

Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

A broad campaign targeting Adults within the North East catchment area 

ITV Trading Audience Bought


74% We saw a 74% uplift in form completions on website during the campaign period based on YoY data

30% Organic and paid search traffic increased by 30% YoY during campaign

The use of ITV advertising made possible by the Backing Business incentive allowed us to run a prolonged and coordinated campaign. Working in partnership with ITV enabled us to speak to not only existing clients but also attract new clients. The TV campaign helped us to raise our brand profile within the category as we look to scale up towards the future Peter McKenna Partner - TLW Solicitors

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