Challenges and Objectives

U Power, established in Italy, sells personal protective equipment shoes. 

With the high level of demand for PPE globally, shoes in particular accounts for 50% of the overall market share. With legislation tightening in the workplace this has created a demand for safety equipment, and an opportunity for U Power to take advantage of this change in law to ensure employees are protected in the workplace.

U Power was an unknown brand in the UK and wanted to drive brand awareness by targeting distributors first and foremost, as well as Men 20-60 in need of safety shoes. U Power want to create a conversation around PPE in the UK market!

Ideas and Implementation

By advertising on ITV, this offered U Power the opportunity to create mass reach and build brand awareness amongst their target audience of Men 20-60.

The campaign ran across almost all of ITV’s portfolio of channels. This included ITV main channel, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 using a mixture of 30” and 20” creative spot lengths. This ensured U Power achieved broad reach, as well as reach amongst the target audience Men 20-60 as the campaign ran around sport focused programming on ITV4.


Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

Men 20-60

ITV Trading Audience Bought

Broad All Adults

45,000 45,000 unique users to the UK Website

48% 1+ coverage: 48% (24.6m adults)

28.5% 3+ coverage: 28.5% (14.6m adults)

The campaign has helped us to increase our level of awareness in the UK, giving us immediate visibility with distributors who saw the ad. We counted 45,000 new unique users on the UK site during the campaign period. Francesco Trova, U Power

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