The Campaign

When ITV began speaking with Weleda, they were a brand with a keen desire to increase their awareness levels, particularly that of their award-winning Weleda Baby range. They also had a clear objective of recruiting new users to their category. Despite nearing their 100th birthday, Weleda were yet to try TV advertising - so ensuring that any activity fully delivered against the Weleda team’s KPIs was crucial. The ITV ‘Business For All’ initiative, combined with our unique regional transmission footprint, provided us with the perfect platform to build an effective TV launch. The headline results were an uplift in brand awareness of 48% (12 percentage points), + 74% average weekly online sales on and 26% uplift in key retailers during campaign. 


The Brand

Weleda has been been growing plants organically and creating natural health and beauty products for 100 years, remaining true to its values since it was founded in 1921. The world’s No.1 producer of certified natural beauty and wellbeing products (50 countries, 5 continents), Weleda is considered the original ‘green’ beauty brand and has pioneered the way for others to follow – from biodynamic farming and cultivation, to setting the standards for ethical and sustainable business practices. The Weleda Mother and Baby range is certified 100% natural and recommended by midwives, providing natural protection for baby skin, right from the start.

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The Opportunity

To coincide with their 100 year anniversary, Weleda wanted to test TV for the first time. The aim of the TV launch was to drive awareness of their Weleda Baby range, whilst ultimately evaluating TV’s ability to bring new consumers to the category. ITV’s market leading reach and regional targeting capabilities made it the perfect business partner for Weleda - who were also able to take advantage of both the ITV ‘Business for All’ initiative and the strong viewing levels of the ITV schedule in 2021

2021 felt like the right time for Weleda to start reaching a new audience, with more people than ever taking a more considered and ethical approach to healthcare, more new mums needing guidance due to Covid affecting face to face interactions and TV's superb value as it was the centre of a lot of people's world during the pandemic. 

The ITV Soloution

ITV offered Weleda mass reach for their core audience of new mums, through a broader buying audience of Housepersons with children. With Weleda being a premium brand, with ‘green’ credentials, it naturally indexed highly in the South and West of the country. In particular, the ITV Meridian region - an area that has a higher proportion of the ABC1 population and a skew toward ‘green’ living. The linear test in Meridian enabled Weleda to reach their target audience effectively with their 20” brand ad whilst avoiding the cost premiums traditionally associated with the London region. 

Weleda also qualified to be part of the ITV ‘Business for All’ initiative, which is designed to help new to TV brands introduce the channel into their media mix for the first time. This meant Weleda's budget was matched by ITV to help them achieve an optimum blend of reach and frequency. Weleda were also offered ITV’s full support and expertise in all areas of campaign planning, execution, creative development and overall evaluation. 


To ensure the mass awareness KPI was achieved, the plan was optimized for both 1+ reach and frequency, adopting a burst strategy for four weeks which allowed Weleda to build cumulative reach with a strong level of ‘launch’ frequency. 

Weleda ran their Baby brand ad, which clearly promoted its natural credentials, on the ITV main channel, with a balanced schedule of daytime and high reaching peak spots, such as The Masked Singer and Coronation Street. The plan was underpinned by a constant presence in the ITV breakfast daypart, which has proven to perform particularly well for new mums and the category.  


All uplifts were measured against a baseline in the ‘exposed’ campaign region of Meridian, vs. the rest of the ‘unexposed’ country. A pre and post brand study was also utilised to measure the changes in brand awareness and brand search, alongside the website traffic and sales data.

Results showed that ‘halo’ spots such as The Masked Singer were key for general scale and brand fame. However, the strong daytime presence played an important role for both building frequency, and ultimately awareness.

We were delighted to take our award-winning Weleda Baby range to millions of potential new users through ITV, especially the many mums and dads looking for gentler, more natural alternatives. Loyalty amongst Weleda users is high, so we’re confident that this awareness campaign will build long-term fans of our brand.” Weleda’s Head of Brand, Helen Yeardsley


23% +12pp increase (48% uplift) in brand awareness and +23% average weekly uplift in brand search

39% +28% average weekly uplift in traffic and +39% average weekly retailer product page traffic

76% +74% average weekly online sales and + 76% average weekly conversion rate uplift

52.5% Overall campaign delivering: 52.5% 1+ coverage of HP with CH in Meridian at an average. frequency of 9.8.

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