Challenges & Objectives

During the challenging post-pandemic lockdown period of Autumn 2021, Zizzi’s sought to reaffirm their restaurants as a quality in-dining experience for the younger market.

Zizzi’s wanted to challenge how younger diners think and feel about their restaurants by elevating their rebrand and restaurant refurbishment.

Ideas & Implementation

Zizzi’s recognised ITV ability to deliver 16-34’s at scale whilst regionalising their advertising message via ITV Hub & ITV linear activity to match their restaurant footprint across the UK. Giving Zizzi’s the opportunity to test and learn on ITV and measure the relative campaign effectiveness against control regions left unexposed to the advertising.

Running on ITV Hub across all UK regions using daytime and peak activity, excluding control areas: STV, Granada, Border, Yorkshire and Tyne Tees.

The campaign ran across November - December across a variety of the best performing programmes to target younger audiences, buying ITV Hub 1st party Registered users known to be 16-34 years old.

The ITV Hub plan was supported by a bespoke linear plan on ITV London & South East regions which helped to further amplify the campaign message and increase brand awareness. 


Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

16-34 Adults with a test and learn approach across the UK

ITV Trading Audience Bought

16-34 Adult – 1st party Registered ITV Hub viewers

16-34 Adults on linear ITV

+367% +367% advertising recall vs control group

+19% +19% brand affinity vs Control group

+46% +46% brand consideration

Following our ITV Hub campaign we saw a strong increase in spontaneous awareness among the target 16-34 audience, and the research study also showed a strong shift in consideration for Zizzi among those exposed. We’ve also seen early indications that target audience visits to our restaurants in regions where the campaign aired grew ahead of other regions. We are encouraged by these early results of our test & learn campaign, and are looking at how we can build on this next year. Rachel Hendry, Marketing Director of Zizzi’s Restaurants

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