Frequently Asked Questions for ITV Head First Award

Q. Do the entry form details (e.g client name, email address etc) sit within the 800 word count?

A. No, these details sit outside of the 800 word count

Q. When do entries open and how do I enter?

A. Entries for the competition will open on 5th December and you'll be able to submit your entry form and PDF on this page

Q. If I have questions that have not been addressed on ITV Media or in the terms and conditions PDF or the Head First Award overview PDF, then who should I contact?

A. Please contact 

Q. What happens if I win?

If you’re the overall winner, your advertisement will need to go into production so that we can launch the campaign on ITV and use the £1m airtime fund during Q4 2024. 

If you’re one of the four shortlisted runners up, you will also need to use your matched airtime fund by the end of 2024. 

NB - the produced advertisement must reflect the campaign idea that you pitched. 

Q. What resources are available to support my entry and campaign?

A. Our specially commissioned research, Wellbeing Matters, has found 5 behavioural pillars of mainstream wellbeing and sets out how brands can play an important role and really improve the nation's wellbeing.

For other meaningful insights and evidence to guide your campaign idea, you can visit our partner websites: