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The Future of Shopping with Mary Portas

Wednesday November 11th, 11:05am (GMT)

This year has been a steep uphill battle for the retail sector, but there is reason to be optimistic. In this webinar, the ‘Queen of Shops’ Mary Portas speaks with Journalist and Lead ITN Presenter Nina Hossain to breathe some positivity into the current discussion about retail, focusing on how retailers can remain culturally relevant in this new world. She also shines a light on what ‘The Kindness Economy’ means for retailers in light of COVID-19 and explains why “Average is over” for the high street.
Catch up on the conversation with:
- Mary Portas, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Portas Agency
- Nina Hossain, Journalist and Lead Presenter, ITN Lunchtime News
Nina & Mary
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