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ITV Backing Business The Future of Start Ups:

Thriving through a pandemic

What does the future look like for Britain’s thriving start-up businesses? 

One of the few business sectors that has benefited throughout the COVID-19 period is online retail (and, more broadly, online in general), with some start-up and scale-up businesses estimating it’s accelerated their growth by up to 5 years. Many have been tempted onto TV for the first time and some are seeing the gains that TV can create for scale up businesses that want to grow quickly. But the VC community is often sceptical and there remains controversy about whether this type of business really needs TV at all.

Our panel examined what it is that’s created such a positive environment for start ups, whether the behaviours that have fuelled their growth will continue and, if so, how they can best leverage this unique environment using TV. 


Hosted by Kate Waters, ITV's Director of Client Strategy and Planning, with a panel of fantastic guest speakers:

- Darren Bentley, Chief Customer Officer, Cazoo
- Tom Roach, Executive Strategy Director and effectiveness specialist, System1

- Becca Peachy, Client Strategy and Planning, ITV


The panel referenced Thinkbox's research 'Signalling Success' which is great research for young brands looking to establish themselves.

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