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This summer, the hugely anticipated 7th series of Love Island is back and we can’t wait!

We are so excited to have brands at the heart of the nation's favourite dating reality show. To truly tap into the strength of your TV partnerships, we want to highlight the power of social using Love Island as an example, and share our learnings on how best to get the viewers, your consumers, interacting to expand your campaign beyond the broadcast.

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Love Island is one of  the most talked about programmes on TV


Daily tweets significantly  increased during the Summer Series 2019. Brand partners saw significant buzz around Love Island, including 16.8 million impressions and 37k mentions. 

Love Island was the most talked about TV series of 2019 on Twitter with a total of 8 million tweets. Love Island drives behaviour and action among viewers.

25% Increase in daily Twitter volumes

65% Used social media whilst watching

#1 Love Island was the #1 programme talked about on Twitter.


An active social audience with a high number of connections

Certain behaviours are more common around certain shows – brands should leverage these natural behaviours rather than trying to force others. 55% use the internet to find out more about programmes/people seen on TV.

47% use the internet to find out more about a product/service seen on TV.


38% visit the TV channel programme website

33% participate in a TV programme game/vote

31% comment on social media sites about the programmes they are watching

29% make a purchase online after watching an advert on TV

Love Island viewers significantly over-index against the most valuable social segments


Have a high level of connections across social media networks. Tend to follow brands on social media – less likely to post reviews about products/brands.


Have a high level of connections across social media networks, follow brands on social media, and post reviews about products and brands online.


Have a high level of connections across social media networks but do not follow brands on social media or post reviews about products/brands.


Have a low level of connections across social media networks – sometimes post reviews about product/brands online and follow brands on social media.


Have an average level of connections across social media networks and follow brands / post reviews online.


Have a medium level of connections across social media networks but do not post reviews.


The main social accounts have over 1 million followers

  • Instagram has 3.1m followers

  • Youtube has 1.4m subscribers

  • Facebook has 1.3m followers

  • Twitter has 1.1m followers

  • Tiktok has 463k followers


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Conversation around the show is ‘always on’


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Buzz on social media peaks throughout the series

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Especially when compared to our dramas which are more ‘lean back’ occasions


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Love Island provides those ‘watercooler moments’ across the entire day, not just within the broadcast window.

52% Of Twitter conversation happens inside the broadcast window

48% Of Twitter conversation happens outside the broadcast window


Social content should take three key learnings into account

Our Partner
Pulsar is an audience intelligence company. They help organisations understand their audiences and create messages that matter to them, by combining conversational and behavioral data from the world’s leading digital sources, with vertical AI, and smart human minds.

Our Approach

  • Fieldwork 11th May – 31st August

  • Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

  • 15.7m mentions gloabally

Three things to consider...

  • Be active and maximise your status as a partner

  • Tailor your content to each platform

  • Be a super fan of the show


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The brand partner that followed this framework had the best social performance in 2019


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Be active and maximise your status as a partner

To create the best brand performing partner, tailor your content to each platform. Different content works for different platforms.


  • Competitions

  • Behind the scenes content

  • Longer content than Twitter and Instagram but shorter than YouTube


  • Memes, memes, memes!

  • Promo codes

  • Short form content like text and gifs


  • All about the products!

  • Giveaways

  • Longer content than Twitter but shorter than Facebook and YouTube



Be a super fan of the show


A clear strategic link is the key to a successful partnership as it has a strong relationship with consideration.


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