ITV AdVentures Invest, the company’s Media for Equity division, has partnered with two startup companies, LiveLink and Syrona Health, to launch their first ever TV advertising campaigns as part of ITV’s partnership with Google Startup’s Black Founders Fund.

LiveLink is a platform where creators and experts get paid to teach what they love. The company allows creators to easily host live streams, and automates their email marketing, video editing and community management - allowing them to focus on monetising from their content. 

Syrona Health is a digital health startup supporting women through all stages of their  gynaecological journey, from menstrual health to menopause.

ITV gave eligible UK-based startups the opportunity to take part in the network’s industry-leading program which provides £1 million worth of airtime and production, equity free. TV ready startups - those with backend operations that could meet the demand TV would create - attended bespoke media education workshops to help familiarise them with the world of TV marketing. The founders of these businesses were also offered media planning and pilot spot production sessions to help bring their TV ads to life.


LiveLink’s first ever TV campaign, which features experts from various fields teaching and earning from the comfort of their own homes, is now live across ITV channels and ITVX with Syrona Health’s set to launch this month.

Ismail Jeilani, co-founder and CEO at LiveLink said: “ITV really cared - this wasn't just a transaction. They worked with us to make the best possible ad, and we also worked together to make sure we showed the ad to the right people at the right time. 

The reach is incredible, too. In just a few days we saw ourselves in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers. Although our campaign will last about two months, I know the benefits and brand recognition will last much, much longer.”

Chantelle Bell, Co-founder, Syrona Health said: "It was a fantastic experience working with the ITV team from an idea, through to strategy and finally seeing the final ad come to life. We're excited to broadcast the ad with the goal of increasing our brand recognition."

LiveLink and Syrona Health are two fantastic businesses to come out of the Google Black Founders Fund. We are beyond excited to be launching their first ever TV campaign on ITV’s network and enabling both these brands to benefit from the huge scaling power of TV much earlier in their growth journey than is normally possible. ITV remains committed to our partnership with the Google Black Founders Fund and we look forward to supporting many more Founders in the years to come. Sheena Amin, Director of ITV AdVentures

Launched in 2021, ITV AdVentures Invest is a Media for Equity programme which sees ITV take minority stakes in early stage digital and direct-to-consumer businesses, alongside venture capital investment, in return for advertising inventory across ITV’s range of market-leading channels and ITVX. The initiative represents an innovative opportunity for early-stage businesses seeking to build scale through TV advertising, alongside a strategic media partner. Find out more about ITV AdVentures Invest here

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