Creative relevance is a cornerstone of our digital strategy and being able to expand this into the growing environment of on-demand broadcast content is a perfect step forward for us. It allows the Island of Ireland to reflect its brand and character in a more tailored way and differentiate us against our competitors. Patrick Michalski, Head of Consumer Marketing, Tourism Ireland

ITV, Adylic, OMD and Tourism Ireland have partnered to create a brand-new data-driven dynamic creative campaign on ITVX using Planet V, ITV’s programmatic video advertising platform, which will tailor the messaging that viewers see based on selected ITVX audience and contextual data sets.

This is the first time that the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster has worked with a dynamic creative specialist agency on a direct integration that will enable Adylic, part of Omnicom Media Group, to decide on custom creative end frames against ITV variables through Planet V. Adylic’s solutions have never previously been directly integrated into a TV broadcaster.

There will be up to 20 iterations of Tourism Ireland’s new campaign on ITVX with different copy giving viewers the most relevant information. For example, a viewer in the North West could receive a tailored advert highlighting reaching Ireland by ferry from Liverpool, while someone on the East coast would instead see details of flights from Stansted. Tailored messages will also appear dependent on the type of programming that a viewer is watching and on what day of week they see the advert.


It’s essential that Adylic can provide clients with end-to-end dynamic creative solutions across every platform, wherever their consumers are, to help power their campaigns, and that includes broadcast. With ITV advancing what is possible with dynamic TV, our exclusive integration into the ITVX platform, enables us to offer clients a new level of sophistication that will help drive creative effectiveness across their BVOD campaigns.

Planet V is the UK's second largest programmatic video advertising platform after Google, giving advertising agencies access to data-enabled, fully addressable audiences at scale. Launched in 2020, it offers self-service capability with more than 1500 users across every agency group, and first party customer data from over 40m users, now including STV Player.

We are very excited to be launching our new dynamic partnership with ITVX, Tourism Ireland, Publicis.Poke and our OMG agency partners at OMD. Andy Spray, Chief Product Officer, Adylic

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