Following the official launch of ITVX, ITV has agreed a new and comprehensive long-term partnership with STV, with agreements covering content and commercial terms.

For content, our partnership will now see STV securing early and exclusive access in Scotland to original ITV programming that launches on ITVX. For a preview window extending to after linear transmission, these programmes will be exclusive to STV Player in Scotland from 2023. Programmes like A Spy Amongst Friends and Litvinenko will be available on STV Player in Scotland by the end of 2022.

Commercially, we are extending our existing network sales agreement to encompass VOD advertising. From 2023, ITV will become STV's exclusive agent for network VOD sales, and our new alliance will deliver the strongest AVOD service in the UK market

We will also be onboarding STV VOD onto Planet V across 2023. This means STV inventory will soon start to benefit from our full suite of ad targeting and data options, which will have become familiar to existing Planet V users over the past 2 years.

ITVX and STV Player will remain as separate platforms in their respective markets - each with their own branding, identities and content strategy. For example, any ITVX programming not transmitting on ITV1 (such as ITV2’s Love Island and Big Brother, online exclusives and FAST online channels) will not be made available on STV Player.


We’ve been close partners with STV for over 50 years, and this new partnership will extend our collaboration for another seven years, until the end of 2029. We are really looking forward to bringing STV Player into our VOD portfolio, and we’ll share more specific trading details in the coming days. Kelly Williams, MD ITV Commercial

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