Latest addition to ITV’s media for equity portfolio

ITV has concluded an investment in Nineteen21 Limited, which trades as ismybillfair offers an online service that saves UK households time and money, by getting a fairer price for household bills from their current supplier, rather than having to go through the hassle of switching. Its unique 'see where you stand, stay and save' proposition is a much-needed antidote to the confusing world of price comparison sites, with 79% of people saying they would prefer to stay with their supplier and save The service is currently live for energy bills, with expansion plans into broadband. ITV is acquiring a minority stake valued at £1.25 million in return for advertising inventory across ITV’s channels and the ITV Hub, with an option to invest a further £1.25 million.

“We know most people would prefer to save money with their current suppliers, and not have to go elsewhere. Our aim is to become the leading household brand for saving without switching. ITV reaches more households than any other commercial TV group in the UK and, combined with its near-perfect match with ismybillfair’s audience, we’ve found our ideal partner to fuel our growth.” Alex Perrin, CEO and Co-Founder of
“ was launched by seasoned industry experts who understand the needs of both the energy providers as well as UK households so we liked this win-win proposition as soon as we heard about it. It’s an extremely useful service for British consumers and we’re looking forward to bringing it to a mass audience, and helping to grow, through ITV’s unique reach.” Niko Waesche, Fund Manager of ITV AdVentures Invest

ITV AdVentures Invest is a Media for Equity initiative that sees ITV take minority stakes in early stage digital and direct-to-consumer businesses, alongside venture capital investment, in return for advertising inventory across ITV’s range of market-leading channels and the ITV Hub.

The initiative will serve as an innovative opportunity for early stage businesses seeking to build scale through TV advertising, alongside a strategic media partner. 

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Interested in the initiative?

We're open and on the lookout for our next round of partners, so if you’re looking to scale up and accelerate growth in a cost effective way, we'd love to speak to you. Email our dedicated team on


1.     The investment will not be consolidated and will be held at its fair value on ITV’s balance sheet.

2.     In the unaudited accounts of Nineteen21 Limited for the year ended 29 February 2020, reported gross assets were £0.5m and the net loss was £0.4m.

3.     This disclosure is being made in accordance with listing rule 10.4.1 as the parties have agreed to certain customary minority rights and obligations including, but not limited to drag obligations.


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