ITV has announced the launch of ITV AdLabs - a new enterprise and strategy to bring together all of ITV Commercial’s innovation. Unveiled on-stage at the ITV Palooza by Commercial MD Kelly Williams, and Deputy Commercial MD Simon Daglish, ITV AdLabs will exist to bring ITV’s customers closer to the development pipeline as new innovations are tested and trialled.


Initially, ITV AdLabs will cover three areas of innovation - Digital Products, Digital Partnerships and Strategic Insight, bringing together the various products and developments that ITV’s commercial team have been trialling and bringing to the market in recent months such as Dynamic Creative advertising on Planet V, widening the reach of Shoppable, bringing ITV’s IP into the Metaverse and launching new commercial models with partners including Twitter.


Under the AdLabs banner ITV will be looking to develop initiatives such as contextual targeting so that advertisers can target editorial context such as moods or meal times on ITV Hub using Planet V and also developing its linear addressable proposition on the Sky, Virgin and Youview platforms.

We’ve delivered a number of significant innovations this year, but the launch of AdLabs is partly about changing our body language - being better organised, experimenting alongside our customers and embedding them more upstream in the process. AdLabs will further drive our digital transformation and our digital future - the laboratory is open for business! Kelly Williams, MD ITV Commercial

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