September 19th, 2018

ITV, working with Dunelm, announce a brand-new dating and home makeover show – Back to Mine. The advertiser-funded programme is created and produced by the award-winning Shiver, an ITV Studios label, in association with home furnishings retailer Dunelm, via Goodstuff.

ITV worked closely with Dunelm and Goodstuff on an innovative funding and brand partnership around the show which fitted in perfectly with the launch of a new creative platform for Dunelm titled "Our homewares, your home."

Back to Mine, launching on ITV main channel on Sunday 30 September, is a light-hearted programme which taps into the idea that people's home decor choices influence potential romantic partners. Each episode will see a singleton take a look around the homes of three potential partners and pick who they would like to go on a date with. The chosen date will then have a chance to look at the home of the person who picked them and decide if they also want to meet up and go on a date and reveal what they thought of each other's homes.

Dunelm will have funder credits around the show as well as placement of the Dunelm brand in the show. In addition, the unsuccessful daters will feature in "Back to Mine: Stay For Longer" – a series of short-form content produced by Shiver for the ITV Hub where the daters will receive Dunelm gifts and a home makeover presented by Rochelle Humes to help make their home more appealing in the future!

This is the first time ITV Hub has hosted commercial short-form content and Dunelm will run weekly 20" adverts after the main show has finished to encourage viewers to watch "Back to Mine: Stay for Longer".

Tim Carter, MD of Shiver, said: "We've all been on amazing dates only to run for the hills when you get back to theirs. With its cheeky format, Back to Mine offers people the chance to check that the sheets are clean and Mother's not hiding in the attic, before bothering to dress up and buy dinner. Our aim at Shiver is to create innovative programming that captures the heart of the Nation. And forging strong creative relationships with much loved brands is an increasingly important way to connect with audiences. I'm delighted Shiver is at the forefront of ITV's push into this territory."

Managing Partner at Goodstuff Sam Drake noted: "Back to Mine is the result of a lot of hard work from a lot of people – client, agencies and media owners. With the breadth of advertising opportunities that now exist across ITV, we believe this will help drive reappraisal of Dunelm amongst younger audiences and be a springboard for a broader campaign designed to bring brand and sales success."

ITV has been involved in many innovative partnerships, and this Shiver, Dunelm, Goodstuff and ITV partnership will bring a brand to life across different platforms. For the first time ITV will carry ad-funded broadcast editorial content as well as branded content on the Hub that provides viewers with an immersive brand experience. Simon Daglish, Deputy Managing Director of Commercial, ITV
For this campaign we were looking for a strategic partnership that would be strong from both a broadcast and content point of view. We wanted a partner who could reach our broad target audience in an exciting and engaging way. We also wanted to find an inclusive and welcoming brand that mirrors some of the core Dunelm values. ITV were the perfect partner to deliver on all three objectives. Angela Porter, Marketing Director for Dunelm

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