ITV is More than TV. We entertain and connect with millions of people globally, reflecting and shaping culture with brilliant content and creativity. 

ITV’s Social Purpose Impact Report outlines results across the four areas where the company is making an impact, both on screen and behind the screens - better health, diversity and inclusion, climate action and giving back.

The report includes a welcome from Chief Executive Carolyn McCall, where she discusses the big changes in society in 2021, the importance of purpose driven business and how ITV's Social Purpose is having an impact.

"ITV’s purpose as a public service broadcaster is not only to reach and connect with millions of people; it is also to reflect and shape culture. Our programmes speak to all sorts of people through a range of content, and we know that our audiences not only expect but welcome ITV using its powerful platform to make a difference in areas that really matter." "ITV continues to be recognised for truly best-in-class creative and effective behaviour change initiatives. But really the highlights are all around the impact we can have" "From mental health to climate action, we’ve worked hard to keep up with the challenges and opportunities of 2021." Carolyn McCall, ITV’s Chief Executive

Better Health

This year saw more new mental and physical health challenges as Covid continued. To combat these challenges, ITV used our platforms, our talent and our creativity to encourage audiences to care for their mental and physical health at a time when both were under threat. Off-screen we continued to focus on the wellbeing of our people, producers and participants.

As a result of ITV campaigns, 3.5 million people connected with others as a result of Britain Get Talking. 1.1 million 16-34s took action to care for their mental health due to our ITV2 x CALM partnership. Nearly 500,000 children participated in the schools Eat Them to Defeat Them programme. Almost 1 billion additional portions of veg sold as a result of 2019-2021 Eat Them To Defeat Them campaigns. 40,000 more children did the Daily Mile.

5.1 million people took an action to support their mental or physical health.

67.1 million actions taken to support mental or physical health.

Diversity and Inclusion

Through our platform and the relationship we have with our viewers, we have an opportunity to shape the way our society views the world. Within our workforce, we want everyone to feel equal, included and able to be themselves. By championing diversity across ITV, including ways of thinking and working, we can generate the best creative ideas.

Since launching our Diversity Acceleration Plan in July 2020, we’ve made significant progress, particularly in increasing our representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people and surpassing targets for representation of LGBT+ people. We have further to go, and are broadening our focus, by prioritising representation of disabled people.

17.5% We have surpassed our onscreen target for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic talent with 17.5% representation

49.6% We have 49.6% female representation on-screen

Climate Action

2021 was a pivotal year for climate change. ITV’s ambition has grown with the scale of the challenge. We’ve made progress this year across all areas of the business. From linking the senior team’s remuneration to Climate Action performance and engaging our commercial partners to showcase sustainable products to creating a dedicated Climate Action Week on-screen, ITV is transforming so we are fit to thrive and play a leading role in the transition to a sustainable society.

As a result of our action this year, 45% of waste was recycled. 84% of UK programmes we produced / 57% of programmes we commissioned were albert certified. 1.1 million people made sustainable swaps as a result of Climate Action Week.

44% Scope 1 & 2 emissions reduction compared to last year.

6% Scope 3 emissions reduction compared to last year.

Giving Back

Our audience and colleagues played a vital role in supporting both local and global communities as the pandemic continued. We supported the global effort to help people affected by Covid, through Soccer Aid for UNICEF, and we launched an ambitious new mentoring programme to help people from groups under-represented in the media industry to progress their early careers through support from ITV colleagues.

£13,014,769 raised for Soccer Aid for UNICEF.

19,132 children reached in schools through colleague outreach.

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