New First-Party Data Solution Powered by InfoSum Goes Live With Pilot Partners

ITV have announced full details of Data Match, their new Planet V solution enabling insights, targeting, and full-funnel measurement using advertisers’ own first party data. ITV is working with Omnicom’s client base as the launch agency partner and Deliveroo as the first brand partner.

Available exclusively to Planet V customers, the solution utilises ITV’s partnership with InfoSum, the UK-based technology provider of privacy-compliant data bunker solutions. Details of the partnership were announced in September 2020, as part of their new first-party data strategy and was a central theme in 2020’s ITV Palooza.

ITV’s Data Match offering brings a future-proof addressability solution to the market ahead of the changes to 3rd party cookies and targeting. We are excited to partner with both ITV and InfoSum, enabling Omnicom Media Group clients a new solution for addressable data-driven targeting with ITV. Mia Mulch, Managing Director OMG Programmatic, Omnicom Media Group UK

Data Match features will, for the first time, enable advertisers to not only use their own customer data for targeting across ITV Hub, but also uncover customer-journey insights specific to their customers’ viewing behaviours and preferences. The Data Match solution will provide evaluation and analytics across every major post-campaign outcome, from branding impact via Elevate studies through to customer engagement and onwards to purchase via a proprietary Activate feature.

With over 32.5m registered ITV Hub users, Data Match provides a unique opportunity to target both new customers at scale, either via lookalike creation or current customer exclusion, and existing customers to drive upsell opportunities.

InfoSum are acknowledged pioneers for an entirely new transparent and privacy-first approach to identity and data management. Whereas some major digital platforms require advertisers to upload their first-party data to their environment, in effect, requiring advertisers to cede control of their data, InfoSum’s data bunker solution operates on ‘non-movement-of-data’ protocols, whereby advertisers retain full control of their data, enabling two or more parties to match and combine datasets in a secure and privacy-compliant manner for insights, targeting, and measurement.


Lara Izlan, Director of Data Strategy, ITV, said “Data Match is a powerful new addition to our targeting suite, responding to market needs by opening up a range of innovative segmentation solutions for our clients based on first party data. Critically, we have worked closely with InfoSum to design a solution that not only allows for bespoke targeting, but also delivers actionable insights and analytics for ongoing campaign enhancement, closing the loop between exposure and action.”

We've been impressed by Planet V so far, and we're delighted to be partnering with ITV in their Data Match pilot. Activating our data is pivotal to our growth plans in 2021, so working with the UK's biggest broadcaster to unlock value and drive our business outcomes will give us the best possible launchpad to supercharge our customer acquisition plans. Dean Weaving, Head of Display, Video & Social at Deliveroo

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