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Celebrating ITV's 10th Rugby World Cup as UK Broadcaster

Are you ready for the biggest sporting event of 2023? It's all to play for across the home nations as the tournament comes back to the Northern Hemisphere.

It's been 20 years since a home nation has won the World Cup; we all remember Johnny Wilkinson's iconic drop goal, it's a moment that will be forever etched in our memories. ITV is proud to have brought that moment live to 15 million people and we are excited to be the tournament's official broadcaster in 2023. The opening match and final will take place at the Stade de France, Paris, with other matches played at 9 other venues across France. The tournament takes places from 8th September - 28th October. 



rugby world cup 2003

ITV has exclusive access to an unmissable broadcast schedule

48 48 matches lives and exclusive across ITV1, ITV4 and ITVX

38 38 ITV1 matches scheduled between Friday-Sunday

Friday Friday matches are in peak with 17:00 and 20:00 starts

24 24 matches will be played in late peak with a 20:00 kick off

10 10 matches on ITV4 with 7 starting at 20:00

Match schedule

Hotly-anticipated group games

Group Matches x 40

8th September 20:00 - France v New Zealand

9th September 20:00 - England v Argentina

10th September 16:45 - South Africa v Scotland

17th September 20:00 - England v Japan

23rd September 20:00 - South Africa v Ireland

24th September 20:00 - Wales v Australia

7th October 20:00 - Ireland v Scotland



The knockouts

The knockout rounds are played across 3 weekends:

Quarter Finals x 4

14th-15th October

Semi-Finals x 2

20th - 21st October

Bronze Medal 

27th October


28th October

Seamless viewing experience

As the tournament heads to France, ITV has everything in place to make sure our viewers don’t miss a thing.

ITV’s investment in our new online content platform ITVX, and our live simulcast offering, ensures we provide the best experience possible for our viewers as their viewing behaviour moves seamlessly across platforms.

Our experience of covering previous world sporting tournaments has demonstrated that we are easily keeping step with demand in delivering the same quality viewing experience from ITVX to main channel and back.

RWC viewing

Audience size

Every four years, the rugby community welcomes new fans with open arms and it consistently delivers high volumes

Rugby is the 2nd most popular sport in Britain and over 1.3m people play it every week. Whilst it is more popular with men, in the biggest games, approximately 30% of the audiences is female.

The Rugby World cup delivers huge broadcast audiences:

Rugby World Cup match schedule

*Southern Hemisphere host nation, (F) Final

Rugby attracts a hard-to-reach audience

45% 45% of those who plan to watch the 2023 Rugby World Cup are light viewers of TV

14% 14% of those who plan to watch the 2023 Rugby World cup state that they never view ITV1

51% 51% of those who plan to watch the 2023 Rugby World Cup are light viewers of ITV1 (1 hour or less a day)

24% Those who plan to watch the 2023 Rugby World Cup are 24% more likely to agree they prefer to buy products from companies who advertise in sport programmes

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rugby world cup 2003
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Audience insights

  • Rugby viewers have financial security - they are more likely to have a personal income of £75K+ and have savings and investments of £100K+

  • Rugby viewers are more likely to be interested in motoring and car purchasing - they are more likely to buy a new car and spend over £45K

  • Rugby viewers are tech savvy - they embrace the latest technology and are more likely to be Tech Leaders and Brand Enthusiasts

  • Rugby fans are confident, adventurous and health conscious

  • They are community-spirited individuals who like a challenge

RWC lock up

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