Challenges and Objectives

Whitworths is on a mission to help people eat a little healthier every day, using the goodness of nature. Historically reaching an older audience, the brand has been on a significant journey over the last 5 years to reposition themselves to a younger audience, modernising their product portfolio and positioning. 

However, in order to continue growing the brand and connect with new potential customers in different categories, Whitworths was in need of a media partner that would help them to reach a broader audience base, both in terms of demographics and lifestyle. 

With the main objective being to grow mass awareness of the brand as their ‘Good by Nature’ proposition, Whitworths identified ITV as their medium of choice to further amplify the activity they were running across their social platforms.

Ideas and Implementation

ITV’s Backing Business initiative provided a platform that not only delivered huge reach across a selection of quality programming, but also the ability to regionalise Whitworths’ media strategy. Using a test and learn approach across Yorkshire Tyne Tees and Anglia enabled the brand to measure the impact that TV had in increasing their awareness in line with their KPIs. 

YTT and Anglia were selected as the most appropriate regions to test the TV campaign as the regions best reflected the profile of the brand’s target audience. Leveraging our regional capabilities in this way meant that Whitworths could maximise their reach ROI and create some robust campaign insights around the performance and effectiveness of the campaign.


Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

Targeting a broad audience, both in terms of demographics and lifestyle across Yorkshire Tyne Tees & Anglia, two key regions.

ITV Trading Audience Bought

ABC1 Housepersons

Targeting Strategy

We chose 2 regions in which to advertise based on scale and consumer fit for the Whitworths brand. This meant we could maximise our reach ROI and create robust insights on performance.

7% - 9% 7% - 9% uplift in Whitworths Brand Sales & Penetration in the regions we advertised in versus non-advertised regions.

The ITV Backing Business Initiative provided the platform for Whitworths to reach a mass audience and tell our story of fabulous, high quality & versatile brand that can help you eat a little healthier every day. It allowed us to showcase and celebrate not only the brand, but also the category and bring to light the delicious versatility of Dried Fruit, Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Cereals & Pulses. This has been a powerful leap forward for the journey of the Whitworths brand and created sound foundations to continue to deliver our Good By Nature proposition to more people, more often. The campaign was a huge success and we’re already working towards how we can continue to work with ITV in 2022 and beyond. Baz Goode, Brand E-Commerce Controller

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