A UK first sees the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association partner with much-loved TV soap, Coronation Street for the first ever ‘Coronation Street Presents…’ As storyline research partner with the soap, MNDA will utilise this exclusive format to showcase the charity’s new advert.

In another first, Coronation Street actor Daniel Brocklebank, whose character Billy Mayhew’s husband is affected by MND, is providing the VO for the ident. Throughout the rest of the campaign, MND Association has been given unprecedented access to Coronation Street’s storylines to ensure that the ad’s airtime is placed against the most relevant episodes and plots.

Purpose driven strategic and creative agency GOOD launches this brand new campaign, “The Love Inside” for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, in partnership with Coronation Street and ITV. The partnership is secured by media partner MI Media.

The launch of this new campaign is an important moment for the MND Association as we explore new ways of raising awareness of this devastating disease among a different audience. From the outset we wanted the campaign to focus on real people and capture the range of emotions experienced during a person’s MND journey. By working collaboratively with a dedicated and professional team, including people with MND who have helped us shape each element, I believe we have done that in a very powerful way." Tanya Curry, Chief Executive at Motor Neurone Disease Association

Motor neurone disease (MND) is incurable, progressive and terminal. It will ultimately take everything from those living with it - the ability to walk, talk, eat and eventually breathe. GOOD Agency has created the campaign to show the brutality of the disease, juxtaposed with the one thing it cannot take – The Love Inside. The idea is brought to life through beautifully shot, heart-rending scenes of real-life couple Mike and Zoe Sumner. Mike was diagnosed with MND in 2020. The film shows the powerful connection people maintain with their loved ones, despite the devastating impact of the disease. 



Trigger Warning: the Ad contains a powerful depiction of life with MND that some individuals may find upsetting. 

Watch the ad here:

Mike and Zoe TV Ad Still 1
video time: video title: The Love Inside
We hope these adverts, as part of a wider reaching campaign, will deepen our connection with the Coronation Street audience, inspire support for our work and push us closer to achieving our vision of making MND treatable and ultimately curable.” Tanya Curry, Chief Executive at Motor Neurone Disease Association

The message has been underlined by the death of Dr Louise Jordan, a former GP who supported those with MND. She stars in the later stage of the campaign and since filming in November, has sadly died. Her wish, and that of her family, is that the campaign, including the advert featuring her, goes ahead.

The soundtrack used is ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ by legendary artist Roberta Flack. The use of the track is even more poignant as Roberta Flack herself is living with MND.

Capturing the true, everyday experiences and emotions of those living with MND was a critical part of this idea, so it was an incredible privilege to be allowed into their homes and lives during such personal moments. Everyone involved in this campaign has been deeply affected by working so closely with the people in the films. We hope it has as profound an impact on the wider audience as it has on those involved in its making.” Bryn Attewell, Executive Creative Director at GOOD

Coronation Street, the UK’s longest running soap, has a current storyline where a central character, Paul Foreman, has been diagnosed with MND. The campaign partners with Coronation Street, leveraging the increased awareness of the disease to deepen the connection with the MND Association.

The launch will be followed by subsequent adverts at pivotal points in Paul’s storyline over the coming months. These will tell the stories of Mike Small who now relies on eye-driven technology to communicate. Also featured are Louise Jordan and her husband Rob.

The work the MND Association does is so very vital in helping those living with the disease and their loved ones. So we’re privileged here at ITV to launch our new ‘Coronation Street Presents…’ initiative with such an important message.” Bhav Chandrani, Director of BE Studio from ITV

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