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The charity sector is facing a particularly difficult time right now – all whilst striving to support those in need. We believe that charities need an extra helping hand themselves, so we’ve created a more affordable plan, shaped around you, to help your charity through the pandemic challenges.

We’ve created a special support package for those charities who want to advertise on ITV in May & June 2020, combining cost-effective airtime with free creative production support (up to £1,000).

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Why charities should advertise on ITV in May and June

Drive donations Promote your charity to drive donations on the UK’s biggest marketing platform in the nation’s favourite programmes

Daytime schedule Advertise across our daytime schedule which has seen phenomenal growth in viewing as the nation is in lockdown

Leverage ITV's flexibility Leverage ITV’s flexibility – from being able to book late (minimum 5 days before your first ad goes out) to using 1 of 15 regions (see map below) or going fully national

Good value Capitalise on incredibly good value as the cost of TV advertising is approximately half the level it was in May 2019. We can also make your TV ad for free if you don’t have an ad already through our creative production team (see details below) as our airtime packages include creative production.

Example June airtime packages:

  • All packages based on running during ITV daytime until 5pm in June 2020

  • Flexibility on regions based on ITV network (see map to the right)

  • Example package costs on a weekly basis can run across multiple weeks

  • Something for every budget – for example (all costs are gross - June 2020):

    • £3,500 ITV digital channels (ITV2, ITV3, ITV4)
    • £10,500 Granada and London weekday (Carlton)
    • £20,000 North and Midwest (Central, Wales & West Country)
    • £43,500 ITV network nationally (ITV main channel and digital channels)
  • Further packages available on request based on your budget and brief

  • Booking minimum 5 days in advance given airtime closedowns and creative production turnaround 

  • Subject to availability due to ITV clash management policy

  • Mediumweight based on 2 spots per day for 7 days (14 x 30 second creative)

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Creative production support:

  • Our creative production team will make your charity ad for free up to the value of £1,000. 

  • As our showreel demonstrates here, this can include elements of the following in a range of styles and formats: stock footage, text and graphics, voiceover, music, photos, repurposing existing material. 

  • In addition, we will do animatics, storyboard, scripting, Clearcast approval and delivery for transmission free of charge to support you. 

  • Note that costs for all these elements can vary (eg regional v national usage costs for voiceover and music), so we can discuss alternative cost-effective solutions with you if needed. 

  • Any production costs over £1,000 would be paid by the charity. 

  • Clearcast regulations on charity advertising mean you need to provide:

    • Charity Aims & Objectives 

    • Annual report

    • Trustees report

    • Income & Expenditure

What does this mean for advertisers?

  • Viewers are watching content together that inspires ‘doing’ – cooking, crafting, exercise – genres of content that they hadn’t considered before. Brands fitting these categories have an opportunity to build contextual brand awareness through advertising.

  • TV is not only a source of comfort at the moment, but also trust and truthfulness. While viewers are looking for reliability, this is a great opportunity to build a relationship with consumers and form brand loyalty. Advertisers should make sure they’re authentic, contextual, and respectful to the situation.

  • Many are spending evenings watching films with their family, planning ads around family classics or nostalgic content during this time could deliver high returns.

  • Sports fans are looking for a replacement. While classic games are filling a void, big TV events are being produced to simulate the atmosphere of a sport event, and tongue-in-cheek content is emerging to open up placeholder genres or hobbies to a wider audience - all of which could allow for some clever sponsorship opportunities.

Other considerations:

  • Airtime will not go towards satisfying existing or future share or volume commitments

  • ITV main channel campaigns will include ITV plc regions only with exception of network campaigns

  • Available for May and June campaigns only with a finite amount of airtime available on a first come first served basis for businesses committing investment

  • This offer is open to businesses directly as well as through agencies

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