The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into a work revolution we could've never have predicted. Many businesses have risen to the challenge, swiftly implementing safeguarding procedures to protect employees and made changes to their business plans to ensure continuity.

Now, industries across the UK are looking at how the role of the office has changed and whether the work-from-home operation is here to stay.

I realised that we might have to be prepared for the fact that the virus might stay with us for a long time. We will have to create an environment where we can work safely and reduce exposure to public transport and increase happiness in working.” Entrepreneur Xu Weiping

Reimagining the office

If you're wondering where and how people will work in the future, you're not alone. Many organisations are beginning to roll out plans on how to offer more flexible working whilst ensuring the safety of staff that need to be in the office. Truth is there is no right answer. Each organisation is different, with many variables like geography, technology, and supply chain to consider. We've had a look at some of advice and examples set out to get you started. 

  • BBC 
    'This is what coronavirus will do to our offices and homes'

  • McKinsey 
    'Reimagining the office and work life after COVID-19'

  • Evening Standard
    'FTSE 100 companies outline back to the office plans'

What are other businesses doing?

The Evening Standard contacted FTSE 100 firms to find out how many UK-based office workers they have, how many are still working from home or are back in the office, and what plans there are for having most people back. Some responses include:

Anglo American 

“ When we do open up the office to more of our employees, we will continue to operate a weekly shift system for the time-being to ensure appropriate de-densification and health bubbles.”

Hargreaves Lansdown

"The firm thinks returning people to work together in the office, whether on a reduced number of days per week, or by rotation, will be positive for mental health, reduce isolation, improve networking, collaboration and teamwork, and improve learning and development."

Just Eat 

“We are committed to providing on-going support to all our people when offices reopen, whether they choose to return to the workplace or continue working from home.”

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Coronation Street staff talk about their new working reality

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Government advice on working safely during COVID-19 and beyond

HSE logo.png

Working safely during the coronavirus outbreak - a short guide

A guide on how to protect people from coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace. You should do a risk assessment and manage the risk of coronavirus in your business. This includes taking measures to work at home where possible, maintaining social distancing, cleaning and hygiene.

Download PDF

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Talking to your workers and working safely

By consulting and involving people in the steps you are taking to manage the risk of coronavirus in your workplace you can explain the changes you are planning to work safely,Nmake sure changes will work and hear their ideas and continue to operate your business safely during the outbreak.

Download PDF

What are you doing to change your workplace?

Tell us what you're doing, whether its a phased approach to getting back to the office or a more socially distanced measure, we'd love to hear from you. Email

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