The beautiful game is for everyone

The Euros has the ability to unite our nation - from hardcore fans, to flag knitting nans. The tournament will dominate the national conversation and your brand can be part of it.

In Euro 2020, live coverage of ITV’s matches averaged 7.3m across 25 games. We delivered the tournament’s biggest single audience, when the England v Denmark semi-final consolidated at an average of 24m viewers, and a one-minute peak of 26.4m.

As the tournament goes on the number of women watching increases, with the Euros final gender split being 50/50.

The Euros also brings in more casual fans through shared viewing occasions with the majority of viewers watching the match with family and friends. 

The tournament runs between Fri 14th June - Sun 14th July. 

ITV has 25 exclusive games, with 11 running in Peak, including: 

• 8pm 14th June: The tournament’s opening game, Germany v Scotland
• 8pm 25th June: England’s decisive final group game against Slovenia
• First pick of the 2nd stage Round of 16
• First pick of the semi-final (who knows… England v Scotland?!)



24m viewers Euro 2020, the England v Denmark semi-final consolidated at an average of 24m viewers

13 billion The last Euros generated over 13 billion impacts and over 864,000 mentions (source sprinklr).

+18% The number of female 16-24 viewers increased by 18% for Euros between 2016 -2021.

Here are 3 ways you can guarantee a win for your brand:

1.  A fixed price airtime CPT… We’ll help you plan ahead with certainty. Regardless of changes in broadcast station price, we guarantee you’ll get the best possible value. 

2. For an All Adults audience… With England and Scotland competing (and hopefully Wales!) it’s a tournament for everyone, so we’re fixing a price for All Adults for the first time ever. 

3. At a discounted rate. We want to make this year’s biggest marketing opportunity accessible for brands and budgets of all sizes. No minimum investment is required. See the table in the flyer for indicative pricing. 

And remember that whilst this offer is for airtime, the tournament will of course also be streaming live on ITVX.

There are also a few T&Cs, so please contact us for more information, and lock-in your airtime!

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