Five Gold Rings


Phillip Schofield hosts a brand new interactive game show 5 Gold Rings which will be airing on ITV in 2017 and is produced by Possessed and Talpa.

Friends, family, colleagues and couples compete to answer unique and challenging questions by placing 1 of their 5 Golden Rings on the state of the art interactive floor! They will need more than just superb general knowledge; they'll need strategic thinking, accuracy and judgement in this fierce head to head battle of wits!

Viewers will also get the chance to play along with the action by downloading the 5 Gold Rings App. They’ll be able to answer the exact same questions as the contestants in the studio and also have the chance to see how their scores match up with other players across the country.

Phillip Schofield said: “I love the whole concept of this show. It’s such a simple idea. The longer you stay in the game, the smaller the rings get. It looks amazing and anyone of any age can play. I can’t wait to get started!”

Peter Davey, Head of Comedy and Entertainment for ITV said, "The interactivity is a great bonus but I was initially drawn to the fact that it is an innovative, modern and extremely fresh way to do an exciting and original TV game."

Glenn Hugill, Managing Director, Possessed: “We are so excited about 5 Gold Rings. It really is a game for everyone. It looks beautiful and is such a simple idea. Your rings get smaller and smaller as you go on and so getting correct answers becomes a real achievement. It’s unlike any other game or quiz show as being accurate is just as important as being smart. You can play against your kids, your friends, your parents on a completely level playing field. There’s such a buzz about it and it’s already spreading around the world.”

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