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West Country

Advertising on ITV is affordable and accessible for all. We can create bespoke airtime packages for your business however large or small.

Check out our location highlights below to see what we can offer you today.

Did you know?

TV advertising works better than any other form of media.

It generates the highest volumes of sales and delivers an average return of £1.79 for every £1 spent*.

West Country highlights

ITV is the UK’s largest commercial TV station, offering advertisers unparalleled volumes of audiences from all key demographics. We like to believe we are at the heart of popular culture and are the only commercial channel to regularly attract big, big audiences (up to 9 million viewers!). ITV can deliver your advertising messages to a huge number of potential customers, quickly and in the most effective way.

One of ITV's biggest USPs for advertisers is our regional flexibility, clients choose exactly which areas to target and therefore brands can ensure their campaigns are as successful as possible.

ITV reaches an average of 78.6% of Adults per month in the West Country, making it one of the most effective platforms to engage with consumers in the region. Some of the most popular programmes include I'm a Celebrity, which can reach up to 281k per epsiode and Vera, which reaches up to 212k.

Fun Fact

There is a fierce debate between Devon and Cornwall on whether you should put jam first or cream on your scone. How do you have yours?

Audiences you can reach

Monthly reach for individuals  83.8% 

Monthly reach for ABC1 adults  56.9%


With over 20 years experience at ITV, Angharad Rees-Williams and her team will be happy to help. Send an email and get in touch with your local sales rep Angharad at angharad.rees-williams@itv.com
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