Camden Hells were seen as a London only beer for craft ale drinkers. Therefore, the challenge was to drive awareness of the brand by taking it to the mass market, in order for it to become the biggest selling craft beer in the UK, all without losing its uniqueness and individuality.


Six and a half million people visit Camden every year, however although Camden is a Mecca for many, there’s millions more people around the UK who will never get to experience it for themselves. From punks in the 70’s to Roundhouse squat raves in the 90’s, Camden is London’s famous hub of counterculture, where societal norms are left firmly on the doorstep. It’s where the unconventional go to congregate. This is the uniqueness that Camden Hells represent as a brand.


Whilst distribution increases and rolls out across the UK, the idea was to showcase Camden Hells brand values, via a distinctive and individual new to TV campaign. The campaign needed to air in an unconventional way to give everyone across the UK a sip of Camden, stimulate conversation and buck the current trend of targeting only 18-39 men.

58% Of Londoners who'd seen the ad, tried Camden Hells

23% Increase in Facebook followers

10% Up on brand respect for those aware of the ad

45% Brand awareness in London vs 24% for the rest of the UK

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