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We quizzed our community of viewers, ITV Village, about topics that matter to them. This is what they said about alcohol.


How they are influenced by TV and advertising:

* Most find out about new alcoholic drinks in-store and by word of mouth, but advertising plays a key role
* Most say they are not influenced by current trends when it comes to selecting alcoholic drinks
* However, compared to five years ago, they say they are drinking more prosecco, gin, and craft beers, which suggests they are more influenced than they may realise


48% Say any form of TV advertising is the best way to increase interest in a new alcohol brand

15% Say seeing an advert or a sponsorship for a brand encourages an unplanned purchase

How they consume alcohol:

* They tend to pick both branded and own-brand alcohol, but there is a slight preference towards branded products
* They're almost as likely to drink at home as they are in a pub or a bar

Agree that own brand alcohol is just as good as branded

40% Have more than one alcoholic drink per week

<50% Know the type of alcohol they want to buy but choose the specific brand once in store

92% Those who drink at home are most likely to buy alcohol at the supermarket

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