Echo Falls has grown to be the second largest wine brand in the UK behind Hardys, worth £164m in sales, of which its Fruit Fusions range is worth over £60m annually (Nielsen Scantrack data – 24.3.18).


Echo Falls recognised that its consumers have a lot in common with viewers of Love Island, both are fun and spontaneous, which allows Echo Falls to engage with them on a new level.


“We are partnering with what is probably the UK’s most talked about TV property with a huge appeal among our target audience of 18-24 year olds.” says Laurence Hinton, Brand Manager for Echo Falls.

echo falls.jpg

Our consumers are spontaneous and sociable and they are watching and participating in the Love Island experience which extends from broadcast to digital and generates high levels of conversation in offices, universities and homes across the country. This partnership doesn’t just offer compelling airtime it translates into digital and word of mouth which is a key channel for our consumers. Laurence Hinton, Brand Manager, Echo Falls

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