Ministry of Sound's 2016 challenge was to find an innovative new platform to launch their 'I LOVE Summer' compilation album. For the 2017 renewal, the challenge was to play on the success of 2016 and make 2017 a bigger and better year for their Marbella Collection 2017 album.


Young people love summer, music, parties and dancing. Ministry of Sound host summer parties all over the world. Why not combine all of these elements, add a sprinkle of glamour and an International Dance DJ to make the Love Island villa the perfect destination to launch the Marbella Collection 2017 Album.


Following its launch in 2015, Love Island was fast becoming the place to be for 16-24’s. What if we hosted our very own club night to showcase the album in a real setting in 2016 and make it bigger and better in 2017?

No. 1 The album went to No 1. in both the Official UK and Dance charts during the show

21 Times the investment level was delivered in media value

7 mins Of Ministry of Sound branding across the episode

66% Of viewers said they were likely to buy the album as a result of the product placement on screen

86 Sequences with Ministry of Sound branding across the episode

125% Up YoY in media value delivered

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