Superdrug was a challenger brand aiming to compete with others similar. Being a challenger brand has its benefits: you can react quickly, take more calculated risks, and punch above your weight.

Superdrug was looking for a partnership that would raise awareness of their own-brand products amongst 16-34 year-old women, which is why Love Island made the perfect partnership.


There's no show that grips the nation quite like Love Island. ITV2 makes the perfect partner because it attracts 16-34s, and together with Love Island and Superdrug, it would dominate summer conversation.


Across three years, we wanted to make Love Island a part of Superdrug, and Superdrug a part of Love Island.


48% Of 16-34 Women saw Superdrug's idents in 2017 an average of 85 times

200k People visited Superdrug's website during each episode

10% Rise in cosmetic sales

60% Rise in online sales.

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The Love Island partnership has been a huge success. We've used it to not only showcase products but also announce the launch of Superdrug Mobile. We have already seen phenomenal results and we are delighted that the partnership is working well. Patrick Megarry, Head of Marketing, Superdrug

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