How can TSB to drive awareness of their Pride of Britain partnership to an upmarket audience, and make it clear why TSB partner with the Pride of Britain.


TSB support a lot of local causes, and people helping people is a huge part of the TSB ethos. In fact, their purpose is to create a Britain where people, and the communities they live in, can thrive together. When you know about the work that they do, it makes sense that they would partner the Pride of Britain, so we had to make sure that this central to our idea.


The idea was to highlight the stories of real-life people across the country that TSB has supported through its local charity funding.

In Birmingham, we discover the inspirational story of Randhir and the MLSS, who serve free hot meals to thousands of vulnerable people every day. In Aberdeen, we explore how the unique initiative Streetsport is enhancing the lives of young people. Meanwhile, in Newcastle, we discover the quirky and heart-warming story of one elderly community’s therapeutic companions, hens provided by HenPower. Finally, in Bristol, we discover how Flamingo Chicks is giving children with disabilities the opportunity to dance.

For each of these ITN created 90" spots which live on the TSB website. All the charities featured are winners of the TSB Community Partners awards, which shines a light on why TSB partners with the Pride of Britain awards.

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