We quizzed our community of viewers, ITV Village, about topics that matter to them. This is what they said about finance.


How they deal with their finances:

* Their number one financial goal is to increase savings
* Savings accounts are the financial products most people want to take out, followed by ISAs and store cards
* There is a slight preference towards working with price comparison websites rather than choosing a financial product directly
* Price comparison websites are generally trusted, but some feel they don’t show the best deals

Want to take out a loan in the next few months


30% Want to take out a new financial product in the next few months

80% Have at least one type of insurance, with car and home being most popular

37% Want to take out new insurance in the next few months

How they respond to media:

* TV is seen as the best media for building trust
* When it comes to building trust, products discussed on a TV programme is the most effective route, followed by TV advertising and TV sponsorship

Say seeing a new financial brand on TV would help them to build trust


40% Believe media could help them build trust towards a new financial app

50%+ Say media could help them build trust with a new financial brand

30% Say TV advertising helps them decide which price comparison website to use

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