Christmas is a really important time for retailers to stand out and grab customers attention. This year, Waitrose & Partners is offering shoppers a playful reminder of the role food plays in the rituals and traditions of Christmas as well as standing out in a competitive Christmas ad market to launch its 2018 ‘Too good to wait’ Christmas campaign.


Central to the 'Too Good To Wait' campaign is the insight that Christmas is about enjoying great quality food with the people who matter most. But when it’s Waitrose food, you’ll do whatever it takes to get to it as quickly as possible!


To tease the campaign, ITV's continuity announcers will become distracted by some of the retailer’s delicious food before remembering to announce the next programme and in an ITV first, to tie in with the idea of ‘Too Good To Wait’, viewers will see other television ads fast forwarded until we get to the Waitrose ad, before launching in to the ad break. adam&eveDDB’s playful approach then extends across the entire campaign, each ad highlighting the important role food plays at Christmas by showing families and friends rushing through a familiar festive scenario to enjoy their festive fare.

Waitrose Christmas (1)
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It’s a wonderfully simple idea built around a genuine customer insight; we all have those Christmas rituals that we dutifully observe whilst secretly wishing we could get straight to the good stuff… in this case, the delicious food from Waitrose & Partners. Paul Billingsley, Managing Director, adam&eveDDB

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