At the start of 2018 Walkers were losing their hold in the shared snack category and market share was declining due to strong performances from competitors. To get back on top of the pile, Walkers wanted an always-on idea to reach people in those 'together moments' when a sharing bag would be just the ticket.


Walkers crisps are the ultimate shared snack, and TV is the ultimate shared media. There's nothing else like it to bring people together in the same room, all within arms reach of a Walkers sharing bag.


We would get bags of Walkers crisps back into homes by running weekly live competitions on ITV where the nation could win amazing prizes. We would reward those that had brought sharing bags and ensure those that hadn't would never make the same mistake again!


163k Competition entries

15% Rise in Mix Ups sales

46% Rise in purchase intent

11% Rise in the perception that Walkers are 'great for a Saturday night in'

gary close up
Gary long shot
walkers banner

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