The Suzuki Vitara is an SUV that packs a boot-load of fun for every drive, with brand values being 'friendly, lively and sociable'. But with the launch of an all-new model, in a crowded and predictable car marketing environment, we had to help Vitara cut through the noise to compete with its competitors.


We needed to bring Suzuki's sense of fun, emotion and zing to the party! In conjunction the7Stars, we developed a multi layered campaign that was streets ahead of stereotypical car advertising. Placing Suzuki at the heart of ITV's family entertainment would amplify the brand's story in an innovative and creative way.


Suzuki would drive sales by recruiting Ant & Dec to its dealer sales team in TV commercials, alongside sponsoring Saturday Night Take Away (a.k.a. SNTA) in the run up to the important March car registrations.

Here was a perfect fit: personality, energy and self-deprecating humour.

Working with Ant & Dec, and their own writers and production team, we created 10, 30 second commercials, using SNTA IP, along with longer-form video seeded across social channels. This would be Ant & Dec's only talent partnership for the year, producing unprecedented contextual advertising.

The #SuzukiSaturdays campaign was 2016's most watched online car ad with over 3million views.

Positive opinion shifted from 9% (Dec '15) to 14% (Apr '16), viewer brand consideration was 44% (Vitara's highest ever), and sponsorship awareness (unprompted and prompted) was the highest of any other car.

Importantly... the car sold fast.


70% increase in enquiry rates

30% ahead of sales rate forecast

15% Jan to Aug Suzuki total car registrations were up 15% yr/yr vs the total market up only 3%. Source: SMMT car registrations 2016

83% registrations up on previous year (April to September)

This campaign was very different to our usual, and it was a huge decision to go with it but I’m very glad we did. The return we’ve had is more than we would ever have hoped for. Dale Wyatt, Sales & Marketing Director, Suzuki

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