We quizzed our community of viewers, ITV Village, about topics that matter to them. This is what they said about automotives.


How they are deciding which cars to buy:

* Most viewers say their attitude towards buying diesel cars has changed due to taxes, with many now not considering them as an option

Bought their last car new

Bought their last car second hand

Have bought a car from a dealership


50% Have sold a car through a dealership

77% Would consider petrol for their next car, making it the most popular option

45% Are open to more environmentally friendly electric and hybrid cars

How they are influenced by brands and advertising:

* One in four are looking to buy a car within the next few months
* Ford is the number one brand considered for the next car, although Vauxhall, Toyota, and Volkswagen are in the top five
* Tried and tested brands top the list when it comes to buying new cars

Say TV advertising would be the most effective medium to build trust with car dealerships

Believe TV can help them pick one car dealership over another

Say TV advertising helps them to decide which models to consider

44% Are open to inspiration when it comes to buying a new car

44% Would feel confident buying a new brand of car

30% Agree advertising could build trust with car dealerships

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