We quizzed our community of viewers, ITV Village, about topics that matter to them. This is what they said about travel.


How they plan their holidays:

* They need to feel happy, relaxed, and interested to begin their research
* Almost half say they start researching during the spring, and it takes just under three weeks on average
* More than half plan their holidays during weeknights

45% Take more than one UK break per year

33% Take multiple trips abroad per year

How TV and advertising influences their travel decisions:

*Gameshows, films, and sports are most likely to make viewers feel happy and relaxed; the moods most likely to encourage people to start researching a holiday

Trust tour operators, but they believe TV could improve this trust


46% Believe advertising could strengthen their trust in a tour operator brand

10% Say TV advertising could help them select a tour operator

55% Think previous experience is the top reason to choose a destination and a tour operator

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