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Backing Business 2022

NatWest & ITV are coming together to help keep British business moving, making sure that - whatever the future holds - we work  alongside you as partners. As a direct result of the partnership, NatWest & ITV have ringfenced a significant fund to give new or lapsed TV brands the opportunity to try TV advertising to help grow their business. 

We are focused on helping businesses of all shapes and sizes grow. Right now it’s even more crucial that brands are able to test and invest with confidence. This initiative is a stepping stone both for brands considering advertising on TV for the first time, and also for encouraging the return of brands who’ve been away for some time. It’s a partnership based on a substantial like-for-like value incentive so that you can experience the effectiveness of ITV for your business at a lower cost, enabling you to measure the impact and scale up as a result.

Here's How It Works...

So what does participating in Backing Business mean? 

  • Matched net budget for first 2022 airtime and VOD campaign to extend exposure and effectiveness. 

  • E.g. if a brand invests £50,000 (net), ITV will match the net investment of £50,000 to deliver a £100,000 (net) campaign. NB all figures for explanatory purposes only. 

  • Joint advertising copy featuring ITV Backing Business brand (bottom left or right hand corner on screen as “stamp”) to  advertise the partnership and showcase ITV’s support for new and lapsed brands. Copy will only be for use on ITV platforms. 

  • We also offer an option for ITV creative production support charged at cost. This will be an additional cost to media  investment. 

  • We will work with you on any campaigns after ITV Backing Business (including reviewing levels of discount to incentivise  subsequent investment) to build momentum from our learnings. 

  • This opportunity is only available to brands which pass our review process and can satisfy the following criteria:

  • New to TV or lapsed for at least 2 years at the point of first discussions. Sub-brands of masterbrands already advertising on TV will be considered on a case-by-case basis as part of our review process; 

  • If booked by an agency, the agency must be contracted by the brand to purchase media inventory in respect of the brand  and ITV may ask for confirmation of this before submitting the request to participate for review. We may need to discuss KPIs, satisfaction of the criteria and our review factors directly with the client and agencies will enable these conversations. 

  • Investment exclusively into spot airtime and VOD on ITV platforms in 2022

  • Client must commit to report to ITV on mutually-agreed KPIs for the campaign in advance (e.g. advertising effects such as  awareness or consideration and / or business effects such as site traffic or sales uplift) and provide results to ITV within 6 weeks of the end of the campaign (or on a monthly basis for longer campaigns). ITV will be entitled to use this information for a published case study. Case studies will be provided to client for approval (acting reasonably and with deemed approval if not given in 2 weeks). 

Watch the Ad

Natwest BackingBusiness 48 Billboard S07 v12 (1)
video time: video title: NatWest and ITV Backing Business Fiddlers Crisps

Review Process:

We want to help you make your campaigns a success and build both our brand and yours in the process so there is a review and approval process for requests to participate in Backing Business which is run by ITV Commercial Directors on a weekly basis. Our directors consider factors such as brand fit (including looking at message and category), future plans and ability to scale future media investment, and level of investment to achieve campaign KPIs. 

If we don’t think Backing Business is the right option for your campaign, we will discuss suitable alternative ways to support your  investment into ITV to help supercharge growth.


Other Considerations:

  • Airtime will be natural delivery across all key parameters (eg dayparts, breaks and days of week) with no specials. 

  • Targeting preferences will be considered but cannot be guaranteed. 

  • Phasing timelengths, campaign dates, split of investment  between main channel / digital channels, VOD etc and regions will be reviewed against other campaigns running at the same time to assess viability of delivery. 

  • Airtime will be costed at station prices and campaign spend will not go towards satisfying existing or future share or volume commitments. 

  • ITV main channel campaigns will include ITV plc regions only. 

  • Available for 2022 campaigns only with a finite amount of matching campaign budget available assessed by criteria and  review process above on a first come first served basis for businesses committing investment. 

  •  Backing Business is open to businesses directly as well as through agencies. 


This proposal is subject to contract and therefore does not constitute an offer capable of acceptance.

Are You Ready For TV?

To find out how you can experience the effectiveness of ITV for your business at a lower cost, get in touch with natwestbackingbusiness@itv.com.

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