Over 2.65 million older people feel they have no one to turn to for help and support. A situation which makes the challenges of later life, such as coping with bereavement, feeling lonely, getting the right social care and managing health problems like dementia, so much harder to bear. Using TV to raise awareness of this stark reality, Manning Gottlieb OMD have identified ITV’s Coronation Street as a perfect platform to reach their target donation audience.


We have a rapidly ageing population and it is heart-breaking to think that more than two and a half million older people feel they have no one to go to for help. The fact is that getting older can be really tough and however resilient you are it’s important to know someone will always be there for you, come what may. Age UK wanted this message to cut through to the nation, and make an impact in order to help older people find the support they seek.


The charity wanted to urge people to donate to help ensure that the Charity’s essential services can continue to be there for older people facing the challenges of later life alone. This is how the 'No one should have no one to turn to' campaign was brought to life, using ITV as the perfect platform to share their message.

Both ITV and Channel 4 are offering us unique, emotive and powerful ways to tell audiences across the nation about the vital work Age UK do through their advice line. Delivering bespoke AV executions, we have the opportunity to explain more about the complexity of issues they have to deal with every day and really engage audiences with our message at this vital time of year. Hannah Gardener, Client Account Manager at Manning Gottlieb OMD

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