June 6th, 2018

MediaCom UK will tonight unveil Tesco's fresh creative for Tesco’s Food Love Stories campaign, airing an exclusive ad break during ITV’s Coronation Street from 8:40pm. The ad break is an extension of the existing campaign – which focuses on peoples’ emotional connection to food – to put a spotlight on the high quality of Tesco’s food products.

The TV ad break is a first for the brand and broadcaster. It will see ITV’s bespoke voiceover rewind the entire ad break to re-show the Tesco ‘Berries’ ad, which highlights how every Tesco berry is handpicked and chilled within sixty minutes for freshness. Other products and quality claims will be featured across the rest of the year.

BBH created the campaign, and partnered with ITV and MediaCom to facilitate the rewind break stitching ITV and five advertisers together in one seamless three-and-a-half-minute ad-break.

MediaCom have also drawn on YouGov and Kantar World consumer panel data to reach people who have lower quality perceptions of the brand, using targeted mobile, online and OOH advertising.

James Parnum, MediaCom Business Director said: “Food Love Stories has always been a long-term commitment to changing perceptions of the brand and after a hugely successful first year we now enter into a new chapter of the campaign with an increased focus on applying data, creativity and innovation to continually remind shoppers of the great quality available every day at Tesco. Our bespoke ITV Coronation Street ad break is one of many great new initiatives that we hope will make the campaign even more effective.”

At Tesco we’ve always been passionate about the food we offer. Our latest Food Love Stories put the quality of our food centre stage, focusing on the lengths we go to bring great tasting food to our customers. We’ll be sharing a number of stories showing how we give customers the freshest and tastiest products, starting with how our berries are handpicked and chilled within 60 minutes – making sure they are juicy and perfectly ripe. Alessandra Bellini, Tesco Chief Customer Officer
Simplicity and creativity go hand in hand when grabbing the viewer's attention and entertaining them. This re-make of the ad break does that in a totally original and ingenious way; bringing together ITV, Tesco, Coca-Cola, Müller, Wall’s Magnum and Tesco Mobile for a unique collaboration. Simon Daglish, Deputy Managing Director, ITV Commercial

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