“We’re really excited about the launch of our ‘Moved On’ campaign and the traction it will gather in our chosen cities. It’s a great opportunity for us to test a large-scale campaign that takes a different approach than usual for us.” Georgina Lord, Managing Director, Zen Retail division

Zen joins the world of TV, with a little help from ITV.

Partnering with ITV’s Backing Business initiative, and media agency Blue Tiger Marketing, the campaign trials targeted activity to specific locations in order to challenge consumers to ‘move on’ to a better broadband provider. This is Zen’s first foray into television advertising, enabled largely by ITV’s innovative Backing Business support initiative.

Inspired by positive customer reviews on Trustpilot, the Zen marketing campaign brings the customer experience to life through a relationship narrative that highlights the benefits of better broadband. Through the narrative Zen outlines the pain points consumers have with other internet providers and how this can improve by joining Zen. 

The campaign is based around customer Trustpilot stories that describe a bad experience with a previous internet provider before discovering Zen and moving on. A playful series of seven relationship-themed stories are used to highlight the frustrations a bad internet connection can cause, just like a bad relationship, from a buffering ‘stop, start’ relationship, to one that gets in the way of viewing football matches. The solution?  ‘Move On’ to a better experience with Zen. 

A force for good

Zen is a certified B Corporation continuing to focus its efforts on challenging the wrongs the telecoms industry is notoriously known for such as end of contract price rises, low levels of customer satisfaction and short-term tactics. Its lifetime price guarantee is one such example, rewarding customer loyalty as part of the company’s ethical responsibility to balance purpose and profit.

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Watch the ad campaign now

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