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“Life is better when you wear flip flops” Unknown

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who fed back on our more flexible AB policy as shared in last week’s email. Some responses arrived within minutes! It was encouraging to add to the positive support we’d already received from ISBA, whilst we were developing the policy. Campaign covered the move, and if you missed our note last week then you can revisit it here:

ITV Media: more flexible AB trading policy

It’s the 19th week since ITV activated its ‘Out Of Office’ messages, and you’ll be in a similar position. And whilst those 5 months have been serious and challenging, it’s been fascinating to see the industry’s resilience and ability to adapt.

System 1 have just chronicled this transformational journey in a fantastic short film, looking at how advertising changed in Covid’s first 16 weeks, and it’s a must-watch:

System 1: A history of the pandemic in 16 ads

With schools closing for the summer, the holiday season is here, and I know many of you are about to take a break from the Zoom screen over the coming weeks. We’re the same - it’s a lighter news week (last week’s note was long enough to last a fortnight!) and we’ll now be taking a break from these Friday updates across August.

I’ll leave you with this week’s viewing report (with at least a month to read it) and if you’re able to take a break I hope you have a well-deserved rest. Continued thanks for your valued partnership this year.


Kelly Williams

MD, ITV Commercial

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