The mobile network market is filled with major players looking down on the little guys. But giffgaff is proud to be a David amongst Goliaths, and has something unique the bigger guys don't have: members that genuinely care about the brand and help each other.


giffgaff wanted to increase membership whilst staying true to what their brand represents: community.



When you don't have bricks and mortar to influence people in the high street, social media is your storefront.


ITV wanted to give giffgaff something they could really sing about by partnering them up with The Voice: a duet to take the nation by storm.

The Voice was the perfect fit for captures the broad, mainstream audience that giffgaff were looking for, and would literally give them a voice to speak to the British public.

They're both the friendliest brands in their respective markets; giffgaff has members not customers, The Voice has coaches not judges.



47% Of the UK saw the giffgaff idents an average of 30 times

79% Of people who saw the idents and social media posts were positive about giffgaff

giffgaff green
giffgaff voice (1)
The Voice has been transformational for our brand, putting it in front of tons of new folks. The sponsorship has played an integral role in our marketing plan for 2018 and the results speak for themselves...and ITV are lovely people! Tom Rainsford, Brand Director, giffgaff

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