Our challenge was to demonstrate that NIVEA’s cleansing range is loved and used by professional makeup artists, and that cleansing is the basis of all good makeup.


Consumers appreciate and respect a professional's opinion and advice. NIVEA's products in the hands of professional TV makeup artists behind the scenes at The Voice UK, would be trusted by viewers and fans.


The idea was to create a 'Backstage Care' partnership with NIVEA and The Voice UK that shows professionals and contestants using NIVEA's cleansing range, whilst engaging fans of the show by bringing them exclusive backstage content with NIVEA's professional makeup artist and stars from The Voice UK 2017. With activity in-store, in the press, across social media and online, and on TV.

19% More likely to think NIVEA was good value

9% More likely to think NIVEA was good quality

16% More likely to recommend NIVEA

Source: YouGov BrandIndex 7 Jan – 2 April 2017. Sample: 18-49 Women. Nivea Customers vs Nivea Customers/Heavy Viewers of ITV. Index on Nivea customers

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