Heading into its second year as the official 'Backstage Care' partner of The Voice, NIVEA wanted to build on the great results from year one and create a campaign that would prove the efficacy of their products, engage with consumers and live beyond broadcast.



Whether it's people or products, efficacy is all about performance...can you actually deliver the goods when it really matters? And performance is absolutely at the heart of The Voice.


The idea was to turn up the volume on everything that made year one of the partnership a success by building more content, sharing it socially, and taking the partnership in-store to drive sales.


91% Of all 18-44 women were reached

28% YoY uplift in NIVEA product sales

55% Advertising awareness

19% Increase in the perception that NIVEA is a high-quality brand loved by makeup artists and skincare professionals

60% Of 18-30 women recall seeing the NIVEA and The Voice campaign

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