We quizzed our community of viewers, ITV Village, about topics that matter to them. This is what they said about their consumption of media.

TV general

How their relationship with TV is changing:

* TV is the most entertaining and inspiring media type
* Streaming services have seen the biggest growth

90% Agree that TV is the most important media type

21% Are watching more TV than last year

TV and Society

How they think TV impacts society:

* Social media is seen more negatively than TV and other media, with many describing it as addictive, untrustworthy, and fake
* ITV is doing the best job out of all commercial channels at representing its viewers

Believe social media is fake

51% See a reflection of themselves in shows, but this could be further strengthened

90% Are concerned about the way social media companies are using their personal data

15% Are extremely concerned about social media

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